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How To Play The 5/90 Chance 5 Lottery

Playing the 5/90 Chance 5 lottery on LTTRY.COM is easy. The "5" in 5/90 represents the 5 numbers you need to select, while the "90" indicates that you can pick these 5 numbers from the range of 1 to 90.


Participating in the 5/90 Chance 5 Lottery on LTTRY.COM can be broken down into five simple steps:

  1. Start by clicking the "5/90 Chance 5" play button, conveniently located on the homepage, the lottery page, or at the bottom of this page.
  2. Choose your 5 lucky numbers from the pool of 90 available numbers. If you need assistance in selecting the numbers, simply click "Quick Pick," and the system will randomly generate them for you.
  3. If you'd like to increase your chances of winning, you can select multiple lines by clicking "Add More Lines." You can add as many lines as you wish.
  4. The final step is to determine how many draws you want to participate in with your selected numbers. Opt for "1 Draw" to enter only the next draw, or choose "2" and participate in the subsequent draw as well, and so on.
  5. Click the "Buy Ticket" button to complete your entry. Best of luck!



In the drawing phase, five balls will be randomly selected. If any of your chosen numbers match the drawn ones, you're a winner!

Potential Winnings

Curious about the potential prize you can win in the 5/90 Chance 5 lottery? Visit the “Rules” section. Here you can check the potential winnings.

Your Lottery Ticket

To review the lottery ticket(s) you've purchased, visit the "My Tickets" section. Here, you can view all your purchased tickets.

Lottery Result

Interested in verifying your results? Navigate to the "Results" section in the menu to check the outcomes of all the draws.

Play 5/90 Chance 5